Lorelei Kennedy, MS




Master Scientist of the Arts

-BS in Liberal Studies/Theatre Arts, Min. in English,

2007, Portland State University

-MS in Theatre Arts - Performance Track,

2016,  Portland State University

-Teaching Artist Certification,

2017-2018, Right Brain Initiative/Young Audiences

-TESOL Certification,

2019, VIPKid

Department of Corrections Badged Volunteer/Home for Good Mentor,

-2014-Present, CRCI, TRCI, Coffee Creek

-Portland Public Schools  Badged Contractor,


-Conversationally fluent in Spanish, including 34 credit hours in Spanish Language studies at PSU



Professional Theatre Teaching Artist

20 + years rigorous academic and field research culminating in program creation, facilitation, and leadership for:


-Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre

-SUN Schools through Metro Family Services

-Youth Progress Association

-Oregon Children's Theatre

-Northwest Children's Theatre

-Open Hearts Open Minds / CRCI

-Lewis Elementary

-Catalyst Education Pathways

...and other professional programs



Having grown up in the 80's on a rural Alaskan homestead, with limited access to electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing, Lorelei spent much of her time reading by candlelight and recreating a story's scenes by acting them out deep in the green forests with buzzing mosquitoes as her audience. She cultivated a deep appreciation for inner worlds full of sparkle, charm, and whimsy and strives to bring those qualities to each interaction she has.

Lorelei began a true love affair with theatre in middle school and for the past 30 years has been seen onstage, offstage, and backstage, near the stage, sweeping the stage. She now teaches theatre classes to kids and breathing-based workshops for adults and gives them all the power to take center stage and say “this is who I am”. Classes are focused on communication, collaboration, and self-confidence - while having so much fun! Her teaching philosophy and approach are hands-on, humorous, and honors each person's comfort level to encourage maximum participation.

Lorelei Kennedy is a first generation college student and is proud to have received both her BS in Theatre and English and her Master of Science in Theatre Arts – Performance from Portland State University. She has received specialized training from the Right Brain Initiative/Young Audiences arts entities as a Teaching Artist in schools to bring ordinary classroom lessons to life!

The Making of a Theatre Teaching Artist

The first time I saw a theatre teaching artist in action, I was 22 and a guest at my younger brother’s elementary school. I’d been through every facet of theatre: on stage, back stage, cleaning the stage, anything; everything. Nothing fit. For the previous decade, I’d been slowly building my acting (theatre, film, TV) and theatre tech (mostly sound and stage managing) resumes while simultaneously trying on service and office jobs and beginning my bachelor’s degree journey. I watched my shy little brother up in the front of the classroom with his plastic jug puppet and silly voice – and having a great time. It clicked and I knew that this was what I was supposed to do. I have spent the last 15 years in pursuit of the very thing: Professional Theatre Teaching Artist.

Along the way I have worked with a variety of theatres both in the Portland area, and across the US. I spent some time completing my BS with an emphasis on Theatre Arts and a Minor in English and an MS in Acting for good measure. Always one to continue my own education, I spent the 2017-18 school year completing the Teaching Artist Studio training program through Young Audiences and the Professional Development hours through Right Brain Initiative required to be on both rosters.

I have honed a particular specialty in using the tools of theatre to teach and integrate social and emotional skills. My approach is hands-on, humorous, and honors each participant’s comfort level, while having so much fun – and building self-confidence, communication, and collaboration skills. The basis of every class starts with Ten Breaths Away, a breathing method I created in order to calm down instantly and get back to what you’re doing. Good for both kids and adults.

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