Online Tutoring

  • K-5 all subjects

  • 6-12 focus on ELA, Writing, Humanities

  • Undergrad/graduate focus on paper editing, outlining, etc.

As a dedicated Theatre Teaching Artist, these workshops and residencies are designed with YOUR students in mind! I have honed a particular specialty in using the tools of theatre to teach and integrate social and emotional skills. My approach is hands-on, humorous, and honors each participant’s comfort level, while having so much fun – and building self-confidence, communication, and collaboration skills. The basis of every class starts with Ten Breaths Away, a breathing method I created in order to calm down instantly and get back to what you’re doing. Good for both kids and the adults that teach and/or parent them. 


Always one to continue my own education, I spent the 2017-18 school year completing the Teaching Artist Studio training program through Young Audiences and the Professional Development hours through Right Brain Initiative required to be on both rosters.

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