*All training held online due to current health conditions*

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from mindfulness training - whether you're a small business owner, part of a corporate management team, or an on-the-floor employee, the Ten Breaths Away Training Series is an easy to learn, fast, and effective course.


2/hr  Basic Package - Ten Breaths Away Starter Sequence


4/hr Half-Day Package - Ten Breaths Away Training Series (including breakout sessions)


6-8/hr Full Day Package - Ten Breaths Away Training Series (including custom breakout sessions)

Outside of the Porltand/Vancouver Metro? No problem - a small Travel Fee may apply.


*Online quarterly training to resume September 2020*

These classes are designed for those who are on their feet most of the day working with clients and/or need to keep up a level of continuing classes for certification/licensing purposes - Massage Therapists, Cosmotology/Esti, Food + Retail workers, and more.  We specifically address working in close proximity with other bodies and how to reduce the effect of service-related stress. CEU/CPE credits available.



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