Lisa Snyder,

Co-founder + CEO,


As a CEO who often has to speak in public, I've found Lorelei Kennedy's way of teaching breath work absolutely imperative to being a better speaker. Her public speaking and breath workshops have helped to prepare me for my public speaking experiences. I absolutely recommend working with her!"


Bailey Patterson,

former touring Puppeteer, Tears of Joy Theatre

Lorelei helped me find my puppet voice in 10 minutes! I love the quick and easy exercises she taught me - I use them all the time, even when I'm not on stage.

Samantha Montanaro,

Co-founder + CEO,

Toketivity and Prism House

The Ten Breaths Away workshop I attended planted beautiful seeds of how integrating this practice into my home life as a mother and wife could help the overall wellness of my family. My partner struggles with paralyzing anxiety and Lorelei's language around this practice helped me come up with more ways to help my partner in times of panic. We use her techniques at home and have found it to be incredibly empowering for our entire family" 


5th Grade Participant,

Lewis Elementary, 2018, 2019

Dear Ms. Lorelei,

Thank you for being a great director and coach. I'm really grateful I got to work with you.

Tori Padellford,

Artistic Director,

Lewis Elementary 2008-2020


You are AMAZING!! you have changed my experience of the last few weeks AND improved our production. You are a gift in my life!!

Can't wait to collaborate in the future!*

*and we did, we love working together!

Adult Leaders,

Lewis Elementary,

2018 Production:

The Enchanted Bookshop

Ms. Lorelei,

You have brought so much to the Lewis theatre experience. Thank you for all of your work and support you've provided.

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